Welcome to FLO Bootcamp 2022!

The purpose of this asynchronous, self-paced FLO Bootcamp Summer 2022 Series is to support BC post-secondary educators to review and tweak an existing online course in preparation for Fall 2022. FLO Bootcamp was designed by Tracy Roberts, BJ Eib and Krista Lambert, and was originally created as a response to COVID, but it’s ultimately about good online course design and facilitation practice generally.  The course was delivered as an intense 1-week experience (hence the name Bootcamp!) but we will be launching one theme per week over the next 4 weeks. 

The approach is meant to be “surgical”, i.e., specific, applied, and practical. Bootcamp does not cover everything, nor even everything that is important about online course design and facilitation.  But it WILL help you get in front of the problems we have heard about MOST often. 

Bootcamp is designed to provide a variety of supports within a very flexible structure on a few specific course design issues. Central is the idea of completing individual challenges that are to be applied immediately to your course.  

There are scheduled, synchronous drop-in events each week for those who like to gather to ask and answer questions and discuss issues with other smart colleagues.  

Over the next 4 weeks, you’ll work through four themes:

Theme 1: Scan (your course, fearlessly, through a few key lenses) and Plan (your Bootcamp work)  
Theme 2: Lectures & Alternatives
Theme 3: Assessments (assignments, exams, etc. )
Theme 4: Online Presence & Engagement

Head over to the Introduction to get started!

Note: there is no registration required to participate in this series and there is no cost.