By the end of Bootcamp, participants will have:

  • conducted a critical review of the learning design of a course of their choice
  • considered underlying strategies for assessing learning and made improvements where possible 
  • explored pedagogically sound alternatives for lecturing live online 
  • reflected on ways course design can be more or less inclusive of diverse student needs  
  • considered the role of technology and how it is used in a course 
  • hopefully, had some fun! 

Bootcamp Overview 

Bootcamp is organized around 4 main themes and work (1 theme per week): 

Theme 1: Scan (your course, fearlessly, through a few key lenses) and Plan (your Bootcamp work)  

Theme 2: Lectures (& alternatives) 

Theme 3: Assessments – assignments, exams, etc. 

Theme 4: Online Presence & Engagement 

Feeling stuck? Want some feedback from others? There will be a drop-in hour scheduled for Wednesdays at 10 a.m. PT. Members from our Learning and Teaching team will welcome you in a Zoom room to answer any questions you may have about your course design. You could also ask questions and join the Bootcamp Discussion in Mattermost. 

Let’s prepare ourselves for a fabulous and fun facilitation experience this fall! 

Head to the Themes Page and start with Theme 1: Scan & Plan to begin!

Note: there is no registration required to participate in this series and there is no cost.

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