Theme 3 – Part One: Adapt your Assessment Approach

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Ditch Your High-Stakes Final Exam

Your Challenge:

  1. Study the resources below. You need not read ALL of the articles but check out the ones that address your priority concerns. (1-2 hrs)
  2. Identify at least one improvement you can make to your assessment approach for this course. Maybe:
    1. Sketch a new distribution of weight for your assessments
      1. Redesign final exam to be 4 smaller exams – or
      2. Design a mix of quizzes and alternatives assessments – or
      3. Break a ‘final paper’ or project into parts that are submitted throughout the course
    2. Identify at least one alternative assessment that you will try. Draft the description and instructions, as well as how you will mark it (grading criteria).  The 50 Beyond Rubrics resource may be helpful.
    3. Other? Do you have another idea that you think will significantly improve your course assessments? Articulate it.
  3. Draft it! (2 – 3 hrs)
    1. Articulate the goal(s) you have identified for today
    2. Plan your approach and truly dedicate the time to accomplish as much as possible – maybe you can finish!
    3. Make a note to yourself about any additional work you may need/want to do on this challenge and book a spot in your calendar to work on it.

First, read these 2 short articles:

Then, take a good look at the role your course assessments play. Download and work through the following:

Afterwards, you’re free to move on to Part Two: Teaching & Learning Practical Skills Online (Arts, Labs & Trades)

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