Theme 1: SCAN & PLAN

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  • to invite you to take a “serious fun”, fearless look at specific aspects of your course 
  • to help you choose some specific goals to focus on during this week of Bootcamp 

Get Ready

Get out your course outline or syllabus – whatever you call it, it needs to have:

  • Course learning goals, objectives or outcomes – regardless of terms, we’re looking for what students are supposed to learn and/or be able to do by the end of the course 
  • Course deliverables – i.e., all the activities students are required to do (assignments, exams, projects, papers, etc) 
  • Distribution of grades (i.e. what each deliverable is worth toward the final grade)
  • List of required readings and resources

Pep talk:  Hang on there camper…before you dive in…please remember that whatever state the course is in right now, we can work with it! This Bootcamp was designed specifically for instructors who had to pivot online fast because of COVID (but will be good for anyone who wants to improve their online course). In the fast COVID pivots, we know choices were made that may not have been ideal, but were necessary to get everyone through. Over and over, we heard from hundreds of students and instructors about what was working and not working (there were clear themes!) and we’ve wrestled all that into Bootcamp activities to help you get in front of those issues before fall. This is not a theory course (though, it is evidenced-based), we don’t plan to debate educational philosophies or points of view (though, we have them and know you do too!). Bootcamp is practical. It’s about making changes to specific aspects of your course that will be the most impactful in supporting student learning. We’re glad you’re here!  Let’s get at it!

Download the following PDF documents for Part One and Part Two of Scan & Plan:

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