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To Lecture or Not to Lecture? That is not the question!

What we want to know is:

How to make the best use of “Live”  sessions?

Your Challenge:

If you haven’t already:

1. Watch the Introduction Video (3 min)

2.Answer the Poll (2 min)

Getting the Background (1.5+ hrs)

  1. Read the text, below, and review the resources that most interest you, making notes about the suggestions and approaches that you would like to incorporate into your synchronous sessions 

Draft it! (1.5 – 2+ hrs.)

  1. Grab a template and design at least one dynamite synchronous session – one that you plan to use during the first week or two of your course. **Be sure to note what will happen prior to and after the session.

Bonus: Gather any resources you’ll need and practice with the tools you’ll use for this session (LMS, Zoom/Collaborate, video recording application, other)

A couple short articles for starters:

Remote Learning Begs the Question: Must Lectures Be So Long?

To Lecture or Not to Lecture… How About Maybe?

Next Up: Download the following document to get started on mapping your synchronous session:

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